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Digital fluency and breaking through to true service to society

We are living in the age of fragmentation. The digital age has brought us instantaneous and massive interconnectedness and communication, but what we’ve done so far with it is to collect ourselves into many, many fragments, each focusing on its own understanding and own agenda, at the detriment to the larger challenges and the larger availability of resources needed in common to act and work on these larger challenges.

We’ve made steps forward to set up a world where large scale complex human challenges, to paraphrase Einstein, “can be addressed from a level higher than that from which they were created.” But we haven’t made the intellectual and purposeful breakthrough we need in order to use these tools and infrastructure in true service to ourselves as societies and individuals, and to our planet.

The work of is meant to help humanity make that breakthrough.

The digital fluency of the new generation is a huge asset, and their optimism to make a difference is perhaps unprecedented. Now is the time to multiply this force for good with tools and methods that align actions towards congruent goals that embrace—but transcend—politics and the dynamics of human nature.

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