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Home focuses on solving large scale, complex human challenges as an institute of practice, research, education, and technology development. We want to encourage the proper application of processes and tools, help discover and validate improvements, develop and improve technological tools that can be used by all practitioners, and provide a service to educate and disseminate functional approaches to large scale, complex human challenges.

Complex Data Visualization

The complex data visualization software assists an all-stakeholder facilitation process. Articulate a challenge’s superordinate goal, subdivide and partition the problem using a 3D mind-map, then define functional solutions along the outer surface of the problem description. software also helps manage and coordinate the functional solutions.

Complex Problem Analysis

This is a new approach to large scale, complex human challenges modeled as highly interconnected and non-linearly interdependent networks. The network is refactored in terms of the superordinate goal by stipulating an emergent behavior for the system in the center and solving for stakeholder and resource functions along the periphery.

Horizon Scanning

The horizon scanner or Vital Signs Monitor permits analysis of underlying causes and patterns, highlighting indicators of future change. It is big data applied to the codes of human motivation at the personal and societal level based on the work of Graves and Beck, including evolved conflict modeling and sophisticated change dynamics modeling.


Large scale input from the crowd is captured by‘s CrowdStreaming concept, which permits the crowd to add meaning, permanence, readability, and visualization. The crowd can structure input and organize it in a visual format useful for sustainable, high impact collaborative enterprise.

Temperature Overlay

The temperature overlay analysis provides a nuanced, visual understanding how complex challenge analyses compare with each other. Problem descriptions can be differentiated to obtain complex visuals of both differences and common ground.

Memetic Barcodes uses generated graphical elements in its analysis that provide an at-a-glance encoding of human motivation systems characteristic of an entity or function. These elements are used as part of the design process.


Global Eco-Climate

  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Affordable & Clean Energy


  • Immigration USA
  • Refugees Europe
  • Empower Indigenous Peoples


  • UN SDG Management
  • Police / Community Relations
  • Violence in Urban Ecosystems
  • Transnational Organized Crime

Global Conflict

  • Middle East / IS Conflict
  • Conflict Prevention vs. Resolution
  • Prevent Violent Extremism (PVE)
  • Health Systems & Disease Outbreak


  • Racial / Education Gap
  • Empowerment out of Poverty
  • Wealth / Income Gap
  • Political & Ideological Polarization
  • Strengthening Middle Class

Nation Building

  • Appropriate Governance Systems
  • Education System Reform
  • Gender Equality
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth