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Human Problem Solving

Human Problem Solving…

The human mind follows these steps when solving problems individually. With some help from technology, we can facilitate these steps, too, when we solve problem collectively.

Step 1: Future Pull

We know where things stand now, and we have a vision for how things should be — how we want things to be. That vision of how things should be can be a very powerful driving force.

Things should be like…

Step 2: Hindrances

We form an idea of what issues, problems, or obstacles we think are getting in the way of achieving the future state we envisions in Step 1.

The problem is…

Step 3: Solutions

We identify solutions to the hindrances in Step 2.

What we need to do is…

Step 4: Resources

We concern ourselves with how to obtain the needed resources (e.g., time, money, people) so that the solutions we’ve identified in Step 3 can be implemented.

How to pay for this?

Step 5: Performance

We monitor and improve the implementation of solutions from Step 3 by resources from Step 4.

How to work better?

Key is: Don’t Skip Steps

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