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Introduction to

Some of society’s challenges seem intractable—impossible to solve—even though we all wish we could solve them.

The work of is focused on a class of problems that do not have silver bullet solutions. These are human challenges where a small effort does not simply “catch on,” scale up, and become a magical fix. These challenges also do not simply yield to normal innovation or “outside the box” thinking, and are generally immune to haphazard application of overwhelming resources.

These are human challenges such as poverty, polarization, inequality, education gaps, religious radicalism, and populist nationalism that by their nature are complex issues and large in scale, where “what we should do” to solve them is unclear, muddled by diverse opinions, and fraught with the risk of unintended consequences.

We propose there is a different way to successfully meet such challenges, and we bring together technology—creating technologies in some cases—and human and organizational processes that have worked successfully in the non-profit, for-profit, and public sectors.
We propose a process and new technological tools to transform the understanding of a complex problem.

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