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We invite expert guidance to join our advisory board, excited to help us pioneer this work in the as-yet lightly trodden space where industry, government, non-profit, and academia all overlap. [Contact]

Become a Developer technology translates complexity to non-expert stakeholders, allowing them and facilitators to visualize, navigate, and modify very large and complex problem spaces and solution spaces in a way that is simple, intuitive, and meaningful to them. The end-user experience of the non-computer-savvy stakeholder is paramount to conveying the right whole-system picture and negotiating maximum buy-in from all stakeholders both in the room and on the web. [Contact]

Become a Practitioner offers pro bono consulting to existing large-scale problem solvers who wish to learn the framework. Licensing of technology is free of cost for humanitarian, public sector, and academic entities. [Contact]

Help Fund our Work invites grant-giving organizations to consider underwriting part of our humanitarian work. The fee licensing of technology for commercial purposes is also a potential, future pathway to sustainability that is open to explore with investors. [Contact]