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Mayoral Toolkit for large scale, complex human challenges at city level

City-level challenges often share the characteristics that the practice and technology tools aim to target:

  • Widespread public opinion exists that there is a problem that needs to be solved;
  • There are so many interconnected moving parts that there is otherwise no clear solution or even an agreement on “where to start” to solve the problem;
  • There is a critical mass of stakeholders willing to participate in a process if they trust it will lead to an improvement from their perspective;
  • Sufficient resources could be mobilized towards the solution if only a credible, fact-based plan existed how to employ each resource, endorsed by all the stakeholders.

We propose a Mayoral Toolkit for engaging large-scale, complex human problems in our cities.

This includes a five step process (1 2 3 4 5) that combines the psychology of “future pull” and the analytic approach of “value engineering” to engage all stakeholders in a process to develop a plan for what we need to do to move the needle in the right direction. It includes visually-oriented technology proposed by to engage the imagination of all stakeholders, helping each perspective contribute to the practical construction of a practical plan that offers specific guidance about what to do and where to start.

The mayoral toolkit. Visual problem solving technology and practice—to empower leaders at the city level to engage their citizens to sustainably solve large scale, complex human problems.

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