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Problem-solving toolset for large scale, complex human challenges

Here’s a quick tour of technology and processes.

A massive multi-stakeholder facilitation process we call Future Pull and a technology-assisted Value Engineering analysis process are combined to permit a stakeholder-driven transformation from “high complexity” to “manageable complexity” in a way that problem solvers and philanthropies seldom attempt.

Complexity Science helps us understand the nature of highly interconnected problems, nuances and unexpected consequences, and in what ways these problems respond (and don’t reliably respond) to different types of solution-space inputs.

We use Data Science to understand and validate the application of our practice in both the problem space and the solution space, including in the management and measurement of the effective use of resources.

We propose developing technology for Graphical Model Visualization to translate complex and complicated problem and solution descriptions in a way that make them accessible to stakeholders.

We propose developing technology to permit smart, structured crowd-sourcing as a tool to collect inputs in the problem definition, to align participants for goal congruence, to gather information for resource providers and resource networking, and for providing inputs for measuring results.

Finally, we propose employing knowledge and tools to understand psycho-social dynamics in a nuanced but practical way, taking into account the causes of conflict and polarization and the hierarchical nature of the brain’s adaptation to needs and life conditions.

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