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Importance of Visualization Technology in Solving Large-scale, Complex Human Challenges

Omegalib: a Multi-View Application Framework for Hybrid Reality Display Environments (

The key to a successful approach to large scale, complex human challenges is to present all stakeholders a data-driven model visualization. This is a visualization not just of historical data, and not even of real-time present data. What does that leave, predictive data visualization? It’s more…

It is a combination that starts with an aspirational visualization — the superordinate goal or future picture — a way to represent what stakeholders and community have agreed upon is the future state of their system, the future they wish to achieve, and to capture the emotion and the longing to achieve it, and the common purpose that has been revealed in identifying that future picture. It is what they agree things will will look like once the problem-solving work is complete.

In addition, the visualization also represents the hindrances and obstacles the stakeholders and community have agreed are hindering progress towards that future picture. It visualizes the dissection of these obstacles areas into many, many individual components that have simple solutions. And it visualizes the progress being made on each and every simple solution being implemented by the myriad resources who have joined in to contribute towards achieving the future picture.

It is the visualization of the future picture, of the obstacles, of the solutions to the simplified problems, of the engagement of resources, and of the performance of the solution implementations.

As facilitators, we call this the visualization of the “problem-solving model.”

(CAVE) technology at INL's Center for Advanced Energy StudiesThis visualization technology has the following characteristics:


More powerful than viewing the model — vision, hindrances, solutions, resource engagement, and implementation performance — is to step into it and experience it from all sides, and with all senses in 3D — vision, sound, tactile.

AlloSphere Research Facility (


The model, represented at exhibits in the city and on the web, remains throughout the lifetime of the effort, in order to maintain continual alignment, keep alive the memory of the energy expended by the stakeholders to define the model, and to keep the confidence of all stakeholders and resources.


CAVE2 at Monash University

The model exhibit and all its representations — on the web, in classrooms, at the town hall, in the central park, in the libraries — should adjust to represent actual data values. This means graphical representation of progress made, as well as adaptation to changes over time in the resource engagement, solutions, hindrances, and even vision.


The visualization and exhibition of the model is stunning in size and beauty, but also in symbolism and in its power garnered by its placement in locations of authority.

Publicly Accessible

CAVE2 electronic visualization laboratory

Anybody can access the visualization at anytime, aided by representations of the same model via the web and in larger scale through different exhibits.

Navigable and Interactive

The model is interactive and navigable via mouse, touch screen, and handicap accessibility.

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