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The nature of the challenge

The characteristics of the challenges we wish to tackle using the solution framework are as follows.

  • Many stakeholders, sometimes massive multi-stakeholders.
  • Too many moving parts and too much interconnectedness for stakeholders to easily comprehend the whole system at a glance.
  • Stakeholders may be antagonistic to each other because each sees just a portion of the problem’s causes, and may be wedded to only a portion of the solutions.
  • There are many, sometimes massively many elements of the solution that need to occur simultaneously and in a coordinated fashion for the overall solution to be successful. The answer to the question, “Which of these solutions should we implement?” would likely be, “We need to do all of them simultaneously, otherwise a partial solution will be hindered by those that don’t receive resources.”

For change to be beneficial, we should understand from what we are changing and to what we want to change.

Agreeing first on “where we are” and “where we want to be” is the only way to make a map of change that everyone can participate in.

It’s time we used technology to redefine our approaches to challenges in this way.

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